With care, compassion, and clinical expertise, I will  provide teens the time and space resolve conflicts, understand their feelings, and find their way back to center.

By listening closely to your teen, offering emotional support, and providing a means of reaching out, I  can help them to work through the source of their troubles through art expression, play therapy, and the ability to weave conversations that are reflective and thought provoking. Often times, this may lead to self-discovery and new found awareness. and overall self- confidence.

Therapy can help teens to:

  • Better understand, express and regulate their emotions
  • Process and heal from difficult or traumatic experiences
  • Adjust well to life transitions
  • Learn techniques to ease worries or fears
  • Improve social skills and strengthen peer relationships
  • Feel more confident and secure in who they are

Additional details on therapy:

  • The first session is scheduled for the parent only. The time is used to complete paperwork, discuss parent concerns, child development history, and what to expect moving forward in the therapeutic process.
  •  Parents will be required to schedule separate phone or in-person consultations to receive updates and feedback from the therapist every 4-6 weeks. Please see Art Therapy page for more information about Art Therapy.
  • I work with teens and families in a variety of ways. I will work initially, to  develop trust and build rapport with your child. For without this crucial step, no trust will be developed. I will incorporate family therapy session’s into our session  as a natural progression of building our therapeutic relationship together.  Teens need family support to be invested in therapy being a positive experience for all.   Everyone in the family typically needs to shift in some positive ways to encourage positive change.
  • When parents are separated or divorced, a custody agreement must be provided to the therapist. The parent not consenting for services will be notified by the therapist that services are being provided and offered an opportunity for participation if desired.
Here’s the link to my May, 2016’s article in NW KIDS—- on “Children and Therapy” called” It takes a village” http://www.nwkidsmagazine.com/2016/06/it-takes-a-village/

If you have immediate concerns about your child’s safety call  911 or the Multnomah county crisis line at : (503) 988-4888. 

Please call me if you would like to talk more about your child, or teen. Reaching out is the first step! (971)222-9290.


I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit, feeling at ease with your therapist is essential ingredient towards change. Please call for an appointment. (971)222-9290 .