Art Therapy


Through art therapy, I  am able to  make therapy fun, relaxing and playful.  I enjoy connecting  with my client’s  to help  you experience  art as a therapeutic tool that gets results. No art experience necessary, really.  I have  learned how to provide individuals a safe way of expressing strong and sometimes sensitive emotions. I will  guide, you so that  you may discover the strength to:

  • Improve your self-image
  • Break down communication barriers
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Set & clarify goals
  • Enhance creativity
  • Recover from abuse or trauma
  • Process grief and loss
  • Get in touch with how you feel!
  • Access your needs!

Art and play are are child’s natural way of connecting to the world around them. When a child or teen are having difficulties, talking about things is not so easy. I incorporate creative ways to connect with your child or teen and thereby allowing for a natural interaction and trust to emerge. Once there is a trusting relationship, change can happen over time. I focus on the relationship as the most important ingredient towards understanding and healing~~ with all of my clients.

Adults can benefit from “getting out of their head” and processing their emotions in a playful and creative manner, too! The process of letting feelings go in a creative and safe way can clarify feelings in a new light.

An atmosphere of healing.

DEPRESSION: Art can define feelings of hopelessness, so you can work through and externalize— their source and begin to heal.

STRESS & ANXIETY: The act of creating art has been shown to release endorphins and reduce the effects of stress. Which the act of creating helps many to relax and become more playful to address  long standing issues issues that feel stuck and unmovable—move!

Grief and Loss, life transitions. Creating something outside of yourself gives you a sense of control, allowing you to manage and understand the feelings surrounding these powerful changes in life. the ritual of creating offers many a container of their feelings, which can encourage feels of safety and healing.



Please call for a complementary 20 minute phone consultation, with Registered Art therapist and Licensed counselor, Erin Berk.

For more information about the professional credentialing of art therapists, please visit The Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB).